Our Commercial Building Process

Our in-house design and drafting team can work with your design concept, or you can use one of our proven plans. Commercial projects enjoying the greatest success are those that consider modular core construction early in the design process. Our design and production teams can assess projects already designed for a site-built approach to determine their feasibility and identify what, if any, design changes may be needed to make the project modular-friendly.

Stratford's building process occurs in a climate-controlled environment with skilled tradespeople using specially designed jigs, machinery, and methods. This results in a level of efficiency and precision unattainable in the field. With all building activities taking place within our plant, project management and quality assurance staff are able to oversee all phases of construction continuously. Furthermore, independent third-party inspectors closely monitor the construction process, ensuring local and state building code compliance.

Modular construction allows for parallel path construction. Site work can occur simultaneously with module fabrication, speeding up construction time and increasing efficiencies. Stratford is able to customize according to the client's specifications and meet the prevailing building codes. Additional requirements and standards, such as ADA, LEED, affordable housing, or energy efficiency standards, can also be incorporated into the specifications upon request.

In-plant construction will incorporate as much work as possible depending on the project design. This typically will encompass interior and exterior finishes such as cabinets, doors, and windows, and electrical and plumbing fixtures installed. Special attention is taken to ensure modules are wrapped in weather-tight protective covering to allow for smooth transport and easy staging on site

Commercial Process Flowchart