Our Residential Building Process

At Stratford, the building process begins when you share your vision with our construction team and ends with a home that exceeds your expectations. Our design team has the experience, creativity, and resources to assist you through all stages of project planning. We are driven by your ideas to create a unique and innovative home that conforms to your needs and lifestyle. All along the way, we work in harmony with the builder to construct a home where you will enjoy memories to last a lifetime.

Stratford employs building efficiencies and stringent quality controls that are inherent in a systems-built construction process, in many ways parallel to production methods used by major corporations like Boeing and Ford Motors. The systems-built process is centered upon the premise that a more efficient build cycle can be realized when building materials are brought to workstations and staged at the employee's side, right where project tasks occur.

At Stratford, we conduct a large portion of our home building in a controlled construction environment, away from the weather elements that wreak havoc on building materials, create an environment for hurried, often careless workmanship, and otherwise delay the construction process.

Our homebuilding process allows our project management team and quality assurance staff to oversee all phases of construction during every working hour of the day.

Stratford's homebuilding process features parallel path construction technology, allowing several steps in the construction process to occur simultaneously rather than sequentially. We collaborate with an independent network of authorized builders to perform the needed site work for a turn-key project, such as site assessment, design collaboration, project estimating, excavation, foundation, setting of units, connection to utilities, garages, and other site structures. The benefit to you, the homebuyer, is a shorter build cycle, reduced construction loan costs, and an earlier move-in.

Residential Process Flowchart