Wednesday 27 March 2024

Interview with TJ Thomas, Stratford Building Corporation Production Manager

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We chatted with Stratford Building Corporation Production Manager, TJ Thomas, to discuss his time at the company, overcoming challenges, and his thoughts on the future of Stratford.

Celebrating Stratford's 1000th project in 2006 

Q: How long have you worked at Stratford? 

A: I joined Stratford in February of 1995, just one year after Stratford was founded. 

Q: What was your first position at Stratford? What other positions have you held?

A: I worked as a forklift driver for 3 months before I was given an opportunity to join the Framing Department due to my prior construction experience. Over the years, I have been able to progress in my career as Framing Supervisor, Plant Foreman, Site Foreman, Module Set Supervisor, Assistant Production Manager, and now Production Manager.

Q: What has been the most memorable project during your tenure at Stratford?

A: Projects are equally important, but there is one that is the most significant. And that is the team that has developed around me. I am very proud of my fellow workers, their victories, and their defeats. 

Q: What has been your greatest challenge at Stratford?

A: The most challenging role I have ever taken on is that of a Production Manager, but it has also been the most rewarding.

Q: How has Stratford changed during your time at the company?

A: Stratford has changed a great deal over the past 29 years, but one thing has stayed the same, and that is our commitment to build the best product available on the market, and build that product with honor and integrity. 

Q: What challenges do you see facing the industry? 

A: I look forward to the challenges the future brings. These challenges could take many forms (the economy, personnel, or tough projects with hard deadlines), but with hard work, and a bit of luck, Stratford will be here overcoming those challenges long into the future.

Q: What do you think Stratford will be like in 5 years? 30 years?

A: I’m excited to see Stratford and Stratford employees working together to build a bright future in custom modular homes.